Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When I saw him I wished him to be mine,

When he was mine I got the reason why love is blind,
When I left him, I was out of mind,
When I wished him back, he had gone far behind,
Things changes just like ,
You just need to smile,
Someone’s love may feel like a bind,
You just need to find,
A right person of you own kind….
& again you will fall in love, like you fall with a wine,,,
& again will get the reason why love is blind….

Monday, December 21, 2009

Life ka Fanda

Life ka fanda simple nai hota,
Boss ka danda sir par hi hota…
Zip zap zoom life ho jati….
Agar market me boom ho jaati…
Targets complete kar, hum incomplete ho jati,,,
To bhi apparsial ko taras jate.. !! 
Coffee bin koi kaam nai hota
Brain cell jaam nai hota…
Ab to haste hue bhi face par Dimple nai ate…
Tht’s y nw paarye
Life ke fande simple nai nazar ate… 

Hw’s tht !!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dream that made me scream

I saw the dream,
after that I felt a scream.
It was like hell,
like I was in deep well
and I am going leaving you all,
no one was with me at all......
It was something that made me cry.
After that my throat got dry.....
It was something in my heart....
Something I wanted to say loud and hard...
Many things will remain lie....If I will die..
The silence of mine,,,,will remain unheard by...
I have never told the world,,,,that what was the world....
that it is the beautiful life we live,,,,,
and wonderful are our believe,,,,
But I was busy with my earning,,,,
but something in my heart was burning...
Never showed my love to love ones....
They are the only best once....
My eye always wanted to fly,,,,
but never saw the amazing sky.....
I was flying alone,,,,with a focus and a goal....
But my last dream made me scream !!!!
Yes I love you,,,Love you from my heart....
Love from my soul and love you till last....
Yes I miss you my memories....
Yes I love my Ceremonirs......
Miss the moustache of the soda icecream...and the big lick of the ice cream....
My family was my part,,,sorry I have to live apart
But my last dream made me scream...
It showed me what I am leaving behind...
It was owned what was mine....
It taught which was special....
It made me so occasional...
That every moment is precious,,,,and every mood is delicious
Moon's light always delight,,,,
Mine every fight,,,tell me sometimes I wrong and sometimes I am right....
Now I respect you my life....
I owe you all moments of life....
As my last dream made me scream....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy World

I am walking in a running WORLD.
Seeing & noticing people's work.
Some are nice and Some are wise.
We will meet many in our life.
But why they are running.
Don't they feel this way is boring.
Please wait let me clear one doubt.
"Your Running" is my question about.
Don't you have time, to answer question of mine.
Hello O uncle!
Why you work so hard?
that you and your family have to live apart.
Don't you feel bad...
When your son waits for you, in a hand with a ball and a bat?
Hello O aunty!
Don't to you get tired?
Do you work so hard because you don't want to get fired?
Saw that WRINKLE cream and on the same issue heard you scream.
When was the last time you tempted for CHOCOLATE & ICE CREAM?
And running for the candies that used to be your dream?
Why are you running so fast?
That you are not leaving any traits of past.
Now also I not got the answer so far...
That why people running so fast.............????

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My nani.

The moon, stars and their lights
Without you nothing delights.
I am sanding alone, with open my arms.
Nothing looks good to me, without your charm.
Waiting & waiting and I will wait for you.
My dreams and deeds I owe to you.
I am mean that I know.
But I love you that for sure.
And my love for you is very pure.
Without you I feel sad & sorrow.
But my feelings for you won’t change tomorrow.
I love you and will love you, until I die.

I will be happy for you and will never cry.

(THIS POEM IS DEDICATED TO A VERY SPECIAL PERSON OF MY LIFE. TO MY MAMMA (Nani). SHE WAS EVERYTHING TO ME AND NOW ALSO IS EVERYTHING. THE THING I CAN'T FORGET HER SILENCE, her last silence. When she was in the hospital, I couldn't able to visit her. But when she shifted in ICU I saw her lying on bed with silent smile. She was looking Divine. I listened her SILENCE...yes in real I heard the her silent words..It is so hard to turn it into words.I wish I could visit her last time and could tell her how much I loved her, how much important she was to me. I wanted she to know that. Her SILENCE made me realise that sometimes in life we run so fast that we forget to tell someone special that they really mean everything to our life.

Y 2 answer u ????

Why I have to answer you all?
When I don't want it at all.
Please let me do what I want.
Dont make me flaunt.
Those eyes of yours, making me confuse.
My throat get dry, I don't know why.
That why I have done That...?
Everything that I do is bad.
Why you say all, when you knw I dont like it at all.
Please listen to my request, I really regret.
Can't answer your questions,
As I under my emotions.
Then why I have to anser you all?
When I don't want it at all.

Strings of sing...!!!!

I don't want to sing.
Don't want to move these strings.
Cannot think the lyric,
Now no life is in my music.
It's like a dark room and I am in,
Just counting my sin.
That water like thing in my eye.
Now make no sense, and I don't know why.
Please let me listen this silence.
There is limit to every one's tolerance.
Words are dying, now nothing belongs to mine.
Let me think one thing.
So that i can sing and move these strings.
May I can write.
But I need to be pretty wide.
May be I can sing.
About your love and your ring.
No I can't, I know you don't want.
That's why I don't want to sing.
Don't want to move these string.