Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My nani.

The moon, stars and their lights
Without you nothing delights.
I am sanding alone, with open my arms.
Nothing looks good to me, without your charm.
Waiting & waiting and I will wait for you.
My dreams and deeds I owe to you.
I am mean that I know.
But I love you that for sure.
And my love for you is very pure.
Without you I feel sad & sorrow.
But my feelings for you won’t change tomorrow.
I love you and will love you, until I die.

I will be happy for you and will never cry.

(THIS POEM IS DEDICATED TO A VERY SPECIAL PERSON OF MY LIFE. TO MY MAMMA (Nani). SHE WAS EVERYTHING TO ME AND NOW ALSO IS EVERYTHING. THE THING I CAN'T FORGET HER SILENCE, her last silence. When she was in the hospital, I couldn't able to visit her. But when she shifted in ICU I saw her lying on bed with silent smile. She was looking Divine. I listened her SILENCE...yes in real I heard the her silent words..It is so hard to turn it into words.I wish I could visit her last time and could tell her how much I loved her, how much important she was to me. I wanted she to know that. Her SILENCE made me realise that sometimes in life we run so fast that we forget to tell someone special that they really mean everything to our life.


Anonymous said...

nitika.. this was jus superb!!! wow!!! it has actually made m senti.. best of all... keep writin like this and expressin ur emotions...

Anonymous said...

seriously nitika....this was just fabulous.....i was missing ma grandma while reading your blog.....n tears had just rolled down ma eyes....