Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy World

I am walking in a running WORLD.
Seeing & noticing people's work.
Some are nice and Some are wise.
We will meet many in our life.
But why they are running.
Don't they feel this way is boring.
Please wait let me clear one doubt.
"Your Running" is my question about.
Don't you have time, to answer question of mine.
Hello O uncle!
Why you work so hard?
that you and your family have to live apart.
Don't you feel bad...
When your son waits for you, in a hand with a ball and a bat?
Hello O aunty!
Don't to you get tired?
Do you work so hard because you don't want to get fired?
Saw that WRINKLE cream and on the same issue heard you scream.
When was the last time you tempted for CHOCOLATE & ICE CREAM?
And running for the candies that used to be your dream?
Why are you running so fast?
That you are not leaving any traits of past.
Now also I not got the answer so far...
That why people running so fast.............????

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